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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Things you need to start Embroidery

This post is in response to the question by Lakshmi of taste of mysore. She wanted to know the basic necessities for trying out embroidery.

Well, I can never claim that Iam expert in embroidery,but I sure will try to answer your question in the best possible way.Hopefully this will be of some help to you and to all those who want to start doing embroidery.

These are the things you'll need.The bold headings are the items which are unavoidable.You've to have them.

1. Crewel Needles (Embroidery Needles) : There are different types of needles suitable for different types of embroidery. For hand embroidery,you have to use crewel needles. There are many sizes available.Higher the size,finer the needle.Always make sure that the thread just passes through the needle eye and the thread fits in the hole created by the needle in the fabric. Sizes 8 , 9 and 10 would be suitable for a beginner assuming you are embroidering on tightly woven,non-mesh fabric. You can get needle multi-packs if you are unsure of the appropriate needle size for your project. These packs will have a variety of needle sizes to choose from.
Note : If you are opting for a mesh fabric ,then tapestry needles with blunt end would be the choice.

2. Embroidery hoop or rings:
This also comes in different sizes,but I would suggest that you go for a small one and a slightly larger one (not too large) .

3. Fabric :

Cotton or muslin would be the best choice.After a while,you are free to work on the fabric of your choice.

4. Embroidery thread / floss
Anchor and DMC are the primary thread manufacturers.Here again,there are different types of threads,but a beginner should go for cotton threads. You can work with three strands initially and once you get used to it increase or decrease the number of strands.Remember,lesser the strands the more delicate your work will be.

5. Scissors
6. Lead pencil / Water soluble marker pen .

7. Dress makers carbon for tracing designs in case you are working on a project.

8. Needle threader (For those who find threading needles difficult)

9. A design to stitch.
You can draw a simple one,or trace, or use iron on transfer patterns.There are plenty of resources in the web .
10. Finally, a reference for the different types of stitches. You can either buy a embroidery book or visit any of the sites mentioned under 'Learning Embroidery ???" on the side panel of this blog.

You can stitch a small and simple pattern or you can just do free hand stitching on your fabric. Vertical lines,horizontal lines,diagonal,zig zag .. anything will do.
What I do is make small samplers of each type of stitch and file it away with a note about it and then try to apply it on a design.
Hope this was helpful.Tell me if you want more info.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Lazy Daisy-Brazilian Embroidery

This basket is called Lazy Daisy. The flowers here are stitched using the Brazilian lazy daisy stitch.As can be seen in the pic,the BE Lazy Daisy is different from the ordinary lazy daisy.This one has the bullion as part of it.The center of the flower is Padded satin stitch.Then there's satin stitch for leaves,stem stitch for stems and couching for branches and fine growth.
For those who are interested in learning BE here's the link to free designs with instructions

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Cross Needle Hydrangea-Brazilian Embroidery

Another basket in Ellen's Basket is done.This time its Cross Needle Hydrangea.Its called so because there is no stitching involved in the flowers.Two needles are inserted in the form of a cross and the Boucle thread is wrapped around the needles.Then, they are fastened with tacks.

This one was not new to me as I'd stitched the same flowers in my first BE project.Infact,I like the other one better.The blue Boucle thread that came with this one is so dull whereas the previous one was so bright.Unfortunately,I've no other option but to go with this color as this is the only one I have.Wish we could get Edmar threads here in India.
As usual ,the leaves have been stitched with leaf stitch,the stems with stem stitch,branches couched with Lola and fine growth couched with fine thread.