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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Ms.Lily in the garden-Brazilian Embroidery

Let me show you what Iam working on at present.The first post about it was here. Now the stitched piece looks like this..

Finally,Ms.Lily has ventured into the garden to pluck some roses.... :)) The garden is not yet in full bloom. There's still some stitching left - the flowers in her gown needs to be completed, the plant in the front row is not done and some little things here and there. Except for Ms.Lily,the whole pattern is my own.The stitching is not at all perfect,but Iam working towards it.

As Iam nearing the end of this project,I realise that embroidery also teaches you a few things about yourself- like,I've understood that I've this awful tendency to try a do a lot of things together and finally messing up everything.I've also the habit of leaving one task incomplete and starting another one.I also try to hurry and finish so as to see the final outcome, thus spoiling the beauty of leaves and flowers .All this was evident while stitching this piece.My impatience shows in my stitching.

Finally,a note of thanks.After I'd drawn up the design,though I was sure of how I'll be stitching the flowers,I did not have much idea for the leaves. It was this post by Elizabeth of Quieter Moments that inspired me to try out woven picot. Many thanks to you Elizabeth! - not just for this,but for the many encouraging words you have passed on to me - Thanks a you.

Noah's Ark Free Stitchery BOM-Free patterns for Wallhanging

Here's another treat for stitchers-Lynette is offering free patterns each month to celebrate one year of blogging.You can view them here.All the blocks of the month could be pieced together to form a wallhanging.She has posted the mud map of the wallhanging too.
Thanks to Heidi of Needlenecessities for leading me there.
Love,Luck and sunshine

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Handbook of Embroidery-Project Gutenberg

Hello ladies,

Did you like the above pattern?
If yes,you can view quite a few like the one above at Project Gutenberg - Handbook of Embroidery by L.Higgin .
But don't be misled by the title-this one is not a comprehensive book on embroidery,but is intended to provide some basic information.It describes few commonly used embroidery stitches and how to execute them. There are short descriptions on the materials and fabrics used for embroidery and also the various stages such as stretching ,framing etc.The most interesting part is obviously the designs in the appendix .Here's another pic from the same book :

So what are you waiting for?? Click here to view the whole book.Scroll down to the appendix to see the designs.Enjoy!!!

Love, luck and sunshine


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tip for bloggers-Find out what others are saying about you

I've been trying to find a way to track fellow bloggers who link to my post.Wordpress has an option for this,but blogger does not seem to provide one.After searching around in Google, I finally found few methods.Here's how :

Method 1:
Most of you may be familiar with this .Very simple and effective.
To see what people are talking about your blog type the below in the URL field.Instead of my blogname,give yours.

Method 2:
You've to use Google for this :)
This method will alert you whenever someone(who is indexed on Google) links to you
1. Type in the URL box
2. In the search term field, give ---

3. In the type field, select “Blogs”
4. In the “How often” field, select “As it happens” (second option)
5. In the email field, give your email.

That’s it. Now whenever, a site that’s indexed on Google links to you, you’ll get an alert mail in your inbox. You can also sign in to change these alerts at a later time.
You can use the same method for your website also.Change the above values accordingly.
Credit for this info goes to this blogger here

Method 3:
Finally,not very comprehensive but you can try it out
In the Google Search box type "" or ""

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Ms.Lily says Hello!!! and message for Anne Gailhbaud

Ms. Lily got fed up of hiding in the closet and wanted to meet my blogoland friends.Come on everyone, wish her too...
Jokes apart, this pretty (??) lady is a part of my self conceptualised BE project.Click on the image for a better view.The pattern is from .
This is my first attempt to embroider a human using BE techniques.And the last time Iam going to actually stitch the facial features.All my next ladies are going to be faceless!!!
The lady's gown has its faults- her tailor was a rather average one ,hee,hee... She has decided to go for a better one next time (BIG grin)
Before signing off, let me jot down the small message which I've been trying to send ever since I received Anne gailhbaud's message send via Elizabeth of Quieter Moments.
Hello Anne, I've been trying to get in touch with you for past few weeks.The mail which I had sent to the id given in your website came back.So,as the last step, Iam posting the message here.
Thank you for your kind thoughts. Your work is wonderful,especially the embroidery. May be one day I'll become as good as you are .
Keep stitching,
Love,Luck and sunshine