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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Kantha Embroidery

Here is one of the unfinished attempts of 2008,completed and snapped.

Kantha embroidery

The pic is rather blurred since our dear 'sun' has gone on a winter vacation. I would never ever forget this piece -know why? While stitching this, my 3 year old came to me demanding to let her 'titch' too and guess what? I let her.But I had to resort to the stab method to accomodate her wish. I would stab the needle down and she would pull, I would stab it up and she would pull again. Each time she would pull the needle so much that it would come out of the thread.I would thread it and repeat .This went on for quite some time...... She was so happy to be 'titching' with her amma...I would do it a million times just to see her jump around with joy!!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Embroidered,embellished Indian attire

The skirt with embellished embroidery known as the Ghagra
The Choli or the blouse

A closer view of the work on the skirt

one more..

close,close,closer... :)

Oh, no..don't give me compliments.Iam not the creator of this lovely work. I paid about 7800/- for this one..(slightly less than 160$).Just got it today . My DH had a heart attack when he saw this one- not because of the money - but because of the choli/blouse. It reveals the midriff(though there's a shawl alongwith the dress to cover up) and he's flabbergasted.He says his parents will never approve.Sigh!!! Why do we always have to look for approval from others? It was my longkept secret desire to wear one.Iam having second thoughts.
Does any one want it? Send me the money,I'll pack it off for you .

Friday, January 02, 2009

Breton Stitch-ROSE sampler

Let me introduce you to Breton stitch this week.Have you heard of this one?
I hadn't, until I saw it here .
Elizabeth of Quieter moments has tried quite a few variations of this stitch . It's a rather simple stitch and belongs to herringbone family- infact,it is herringbone with a twist :)

Breton stitch with single twist and double twist.Reminds me of men holding some heavy load.

Here's the variation I've come up with - Breton Chemanthy ;) or Breton Chrysanthemum.

Check out this tutorial if you are not familiar with Chemanthy stitch. For Breton Chemanthy, I just added that extra twist and followed the same steps as explained in the tut.For other links and tutorials,check out this post.

A look at the ROSE sampler

For those who've tuned in late, ROSE(Recording old stitches in embroidery) sampler project is my effort to learn a lesser known or interesting stitch and record it instantly rather than bookmarking it and leaving it for a later period. Most of the time we see something and keep it aside to tackle it at a later point,but gradually forget about it. I've had several of such instances and ROSE is my way to get rid of my procrastination.Here are some pics of my learnings:

Variations of Detached Buttonhole.Click here to read about this.

The sampler in its present state.I've written down the names of stitches used alongside each.
If you are put off by the way it looks,let me clarify that this is not for framing or display.The intention of ROSE is to learn first and use it later.
A few words of thanks
As we usher in a new year, I would like to thank all those who spent a few minutes of their precious time reading my ramblings.Iam not much into statistics and I don't keep track of visitors ,but I do know a few who take time to comment.And Iam mighty glad to have made such good friends.If you are a regular reader do keep in touch with me. I always respond to mails and comments.
Here's wishing all of you a very bright,peaceful,pleasant and happy new year!!!
From India with love,