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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Embroidered,embellished saris

Hello friends,
Today Iam going to show you something totally different from what I usually put in here - this is a sari which has been embroidered by my friend Jyoti. She is quite fond of embellishing saris and wearing them on special occasions.Infact, I'll show you two saris - one which she is currently working on and another one which has been completed.Here are the pics of the currently in progress sari:

A plain sari embellished with white beads. She calls it "Pearl work". She has used white beads of different shapes and silk zari thread. You can see the embroidery hoop still attached on the other side . She was working on this one when I barged in and told her to display her work.

The floral pattern is repeated throughout the 6 meters with the density increasing at the 'pallu' .Totally there are 50 bunches throughout. It does require immense patience to keep repeating the same pattern again and again. 1 is fine,2 is ok, 3 is hmmm, 4 is aarggh!!!..I'll never ever reach 50. Will you?
The close up of the pattern - white beads stitched on to synthetic material with Silk zari thread.Isn't she creative,ladies?

Here is the next one. This one is a black sari with silk ribbon embroidery on it.

The photos do not show justice to the work.

The border pattern is repeated throughout 6 meters on both ends.

This is the 'pallu' - the portion draped over the shoulder.

Another closeup.
These above two saris are the most simple of her works. The heavily embellished ones are yet to be captured. Jyoti belongs to the state of Andhra where embroidery is very popular. Infact, she's the one who introduced me to many traditional stitches. Inspired by her, I've bought two plain saris to embroider and embellish. But I fear, what if I start and do not finish? 6 Meters is not a small length ... should I or should I not?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Roses with rose stitch,chainstitch and blanket stitch

I've been playing around with roses!! Roses with chain stitch, roses with stem stitch and roses with blanket stitch - all methods are very simple and could be used for enhancing the beauty of your work. The idea came from here .

Here is a step by step of one method.

Roses with Chain stitch:

Step 1 : Come up at a point A

Step 2 : Go down at point B,close to A .Don't pull the thread tight,form a small loop. See the pic below.

Step 3: Make two more loops like the first one - from a point close to B to C and from a point close to C to D.

Step 4 : Make a small back stitch near D to tack down the loops.You'll be coming up near the point A.

Step 5: Stitch around the loops with small chain stitches. The stitches should NOT be pulled tight.Leave them a little loose.

Step 6: Go around as many times required.

Step 7: The last stitch should be placed/hidden under the petals.

Here's the completed rose.

Touched up with green;)

Roses with stem stitch : Rose Stitch

Repeat the first 4 steps and stitch around the loops with loose stem stitches.Voila!! you've a pretty little rose!!!

Rose with blanket stitch :

You can find the tutorial for the blanket stitched rose here

Finally, a word about the Brazilian embroidery course :

The online Brazilian embroidery course which I run uses the above method (photo tutorial) to explain individual stitches. The stitches taught in the course are the very basic beginner stitches. The BDEIG site does provide the free instructions for learning these -My course would be helpful to those who need a little more help in executing those instructions . If you are interested, email me for the course contents and the fee.
That's it for the time being.

Hope you'll enjoy stitching the roses as much I did.

Love,luck and sunshine,


Friday, February 20, 2009

BE Bullion flower sampler and some copyright issues

Couple of weeks back I had to remove some posts of a certain project due to copyright issues. Till the problem cropped up, I was under the assumption that I had a fair idea of what copyright is - copyright prevents you from copying contents from a site and reposting it. If posting a pic or quoting from a source, link back to the same. Patty of pipstitch has also mentioned copyright in her latest post . The confusion now is, are we not allowed to post work in progress of designs for fear of copying? I do feel that however hard we may try,'experts' will still copy . If I post a close up shot of my work in progress, would I be breaching copyrights? what do you think?

Anyways, today I finally picked up the piece again and continued my trials with bullions.This is what I added.

I worked on this rather randomly ,just keeping the idea of the flower in mind. And I was a little too eager to finish it off. Brazilian embroidery should be done with lot of time in hand and patience . Otherwise even the tiniest of bullions would end up in a mess .( see the pic above to prove my point).

Since I've deleted all the previous pics and since I cannot show you the long shot of the design, here are a few close ups .

My bullions seem to seasonal, they 'bloom' well at times and other times they are a total mess.As I wrote before - patience is the key.

Ok, Iam off to add a few more flowers to the sampler - may be better bullions this time.

Will keep you posted.

Love, luck and sunshine,


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Roses on ROSE , a confused state of mind and a proposed BE workshop

A friend of mine has asked me to 'decorate' her bedspreads with some good handwork.That has put me in a spot - I've never done this before.I usually do very small pieces and try to finish it before my patience runs out.

I've said yes to her(am I ever able to say NO? )
I've to show her some suitable designs for her to choose from. She needs a center pattern and then something on the corners.Moreover she told me that the sheets are black in color - which color looks good on black ? - yellow , cream?? - aargh!!! My choice of colors has always been lacking in oomph.

I think I'll settle for fabric painting rather than embroidery , it'll save a lot of time.But where do I get the designs ?Confusion, confusion..

With this state of mind, I added something to my ROSE sampler. Here it is.

Will you be able to identify the stitch?(not bulllions) These roses will look good on dresses , won't they?

Proposed BE Workshop

Iam planning a one day Brazilian Embroidery workshop at my place (Bangalore) in the month of April (4th) for those interested in learning BE. Bangaloreans, will you be interested? You can either bring the supplies or get it from me.If you are interested , mail me for registering yourself and for other details . You'll be charged a nominal fee for registration.My Email Id is in the sidebar.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fly stitch, Plaited Fly stitch and the Indian Version - Muvvala stitch

I've had a pretty hectic week until today.On Sunday my 3 year old had a dance performance for her school's annual day- infact all 30 in her class were on stage , jumping up and down while the song played. A proud moment for us parents.

Well, the aftermath of that show wasn't exactly a happy one, she fell ill soon after we reached home - it's just cough,but imagine a tiny tot coughing for hours altogether without sleeping.So nights are busy - she coughs at night, and falls asleep early in the morning.Doc says the chest is clear, and now we're trying to find out if it is some allergic reaction.On top of all this, I had a deadline looming over my head to value 50 answer sheets and submit it at the University and ofcourse, a two hour lecture. Phew!! I was sapped by the end of the day yesterday. 4 more days of the week yet to come.
Thanks for reading through my yammering.I'll get on with the new stitch for ROSE.(Click here to view all the stitches under ROSE)

This week's stitch is a simple one and commonly known- but I wanted to put on record an Indian variation of the same. The stitch is Fly stitch aka Y Stitch or Open loop stitch . You can find the video tutorials at Mary Corbet's Needle'n thread .

Fly stitch in circle using double colors . Isn't it pretty?
There's also a variation of the fly stitch known by the name Plaited fly stitch.Here the stitches are worked one upon the other.

Now for the Indian variation - this one is a variation of plaited fly stitch. Here is the image.

Instead of working the lower line straight, for each pair it slants towards each other. This stitch is known by the name Muvvala stitch. Muvvala means anklet and the next pic will convince why it is called so.

Muvvala stitch

Indian Anklet. Isn't there a resemblance ?

Iam done with the learning for this week. I need to finish the Bullion flower sampler and Iam trying my hand at cutwork ,but the outcome has not been good at all. The project requires tiny stitches and somehow I cannot seem to make them tiny. I'll try a few more times and then tell you the result.

Till then, Ciao.

Love,luck and sunshine


Thursday, February 05, 2009

Ceylon stitch - ROSE sampler

It's been a while since the last ROSE post , isn't it ? After putting off for all these days, today finally I took up a new stitch which had been reserved for learning for a long long time. The stitch is called Ceylon stitch and I first came across this one during Sharon's TAST. I think I had posted some information on the same in my blog - ahh,here it is . To cut the story short, I tried it today and oh,boy - it does require patience!!!

Ceylon stitch is a medium detached filling stitch. Medium because there are threads going across the back of the fabric when you stitch it.I found two variations - one which starts with a bar and one which does not. Tricia wilson has a nice little tutorial for the non bar variation .

Wouldn't you like to see my attempts?

The two variations - the pink one is a repeat attempt of the first. After all the wrapping and tugging of bullions ,I had to struggle a little to maintain the tension of the loops.

Pink 'blue bell' with Ceylon stitch :)

Blue bell.

So , that's it for the time being. I've added one more stitch to my kitty. Hope you too will try this out.

Love,luck and sunshine,