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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Embroidered BedLinen- New block

The beginning of the spring season seems to have had its effect on me.... my floral blocks are becoming more and more colorful. Want proof? Here it is...

The actual work is much brighter than the pic - blame the dullness on the evening sun. Here in India, the festivals marking the beginning of the spring have been/are being celebrated in different parts. Spring is known as Basant in Hindi. Basant Panchami was celebrated a few days back. There are kite flying festivals being organized and generally the mood is of celebration.

By the way, did you identify the stitches? - Couching and Bullions for flowers, Fishbone stitch and Pistil stitch for leaves,with a little bit of blanket stitch and french knots thrown in for tadka ;)
[ Tadka : Its a hindi word and means the process of adding flavour to a dish i.e tempering]

When I started couching, I didnot expect the result to be so good.Probably since the expectations were low,the outcome turned out be much better. This is what happens in real life too, right? Disappointments are greater when there's too much of expectation.What do you think?

Iam moving on to the next block. May be I'll use the spring colors again :)

Love,luck and sunshine,

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Embroidered bedlinen- Challah work/Chinese knots & Basket stitch

Back again!!! Somehow I always find myself running short of time. The moment I sit infront of the computer,my little one comes running and demand that we play 'cake game' . Computer has started capturing her interest. If not that DH asks about his investments which Iam supposed to look after. Once that's done, it would be my turn to look for matter related to my university classes....and after all these the turn of poor needlework comes..sigh!!!

Today's block took me a long time to stitch inspite of being one of the smallest. No, it was not because of Chinese was due to the basket stitch.I had to pull out the stitches quite a few times. It still has not come out that well, I need a lot more practice. The stitch is not difficult, it is infact just cross stitches...maybe my patience is running thin as Iam nearing the end of the whole project.

The center is filled with Chinese knots or Challah work ,as it is called here in India. Here is the tutorial for Chinese knots/Challah work. I tried floss blending on orange flower - two strands of orange with one strand of white.

This one is also filled with chinese knots. Twisted detached chain is used for the little flower on the right. You can see my lack of patience in the satin stitched leaves on the left above the tiny flower. Apologies to satin stitch fans :)

That's all for now. I am yet to try the long and short stitch (I dread the day!!! ). A few more blocks and Iam done!!! :)


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Embroidered bedlinen - Laid Work/Arab work

I managed the finishing touches of one more block today. This one was a totally different experience for me ( do I say that for every block?)
The story goes like this - A few weeks back, Meri had gifted me a magazine on Castelo Branco embroidery.In this magazine, I came across a stitch called Ponto Castelo Branco . I was at that time looking out for a suitable stitch to fill out one of the floral blocks. Well, the said stitch did seem suitable. The Ponto Castelo Branco looked very similar to couching on satin stitch.I looked around and found that this stitch is similar to Laid work . If you're curious,there are good references at and Heritage Shoppe. Though the images and tutorial looked quite easy, the final outcome did not turn out to be so satisfactory. But,boy!! - it was a time consuming job. Here is the pic

The couching has turned out to be kind of wavy and the middle petal of the flower on the left has gaps. I think I did not lay the foundation stitches well. The colors look a little dull,but the overall effect is fine. I've used straight couching stitches over the foundation to tie it down . But there are a lot of other methods too - for instance, you could use split stitch or plaited stitch . The threads used are usually heavy. In my case, I tried silk without even practising the method once..duh!!!
The leaves are stitched with alternate satin stitch and the flowers are blanket stitched with perle cotton.

And guess what!!! if this work is outlined with stem stitch - it becomes Arab work...:)

One more block done...5 more to go...yippeee..... :)

Thank you Meri, for the inspiration ...and thank you all for visiting inspite of my irregular posts.

Love,luck and sunshine,

Friday, January 08, 2010

Embroidered bedlinen - Another block

Last time when I had posted the full view of the Embroidered bedlinen, there were a couple of blocks that had been reserved for another day. One was the ceylon stitch block and the next one is this...

I took this pic in the evening -that's why the dull image. The stitch I've used here for petals is not usually used for florals. It is a preferred stitch for leaves. I think you can see why. I was rather apprehensive initially when I started the flower. I even had second thoughts after the first petal. I tried outlining too but did not like the effect - the flower lost its beauty that way. After pulling out the outlining , I decided to go ahead and stitch the rest of the petals. Once it was completed,it looked much better. Kind of different - but pretty.

Oh..oh..I have not told you about the stitch ,have I ? - the stitch used here is Vandyke stitch with herringbone stitch for the center and long blanket stitch for the pistils. The leaves are stitched with outline stitch. A couple more blocks are done,but the pictures have not come well. I'll have to try again tomorrow.

Till then,
Love,luck and sunshine,

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Belated wishes

I know Iam almost a week late....but still..

Here is my new year wish for all of you...

"In the New Year, may your right hand always be stretched out in friendship, never in want."

Wish you all a great year ahead!!!

Love,luck and sunshine,