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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Selena?? who's she?

Aren't these the days when we miss our mothers the most ?  They would be there, keeping an eye on you, trying to feed you something warm and fresh....sigh!! 
Ironic,isn't it? When we're little ,we're so eager to become 'big' ,but when we grow up, we wish to relive our childhood.
By the way, who's Selena? I too didn't know who she was until I found this series of pictures . Selena or Queen of the night is a flower that blooms only one midsummer night.She's beautiful,huge and smelly,oops sorry ...fragrant :) !! 
Ask me why I was looking around for her? Because the miniature design I was stitching was titled Selena's sister. I looked for the sister,but couldn't find her and found Selena instead. Then I realised that the piece was inspired from Selena and hence the name Selena's sis. Whatever be the case, Iam getting to know some new flowers and some nice names,thanks to BE :)

This is again a Rosalie Wakefield design  for the intermediate/advanced brazilian embroiderers.Quite a few new stitches here and tiny seed beads too. 
I've made some progress in the Schwalm piece and will show you where I stand in my next post.
But before I sign off, I've to show you a pic. Guess who got inspired from my painting attempts??

I'd to part with a canvas I'd kept for further trials with acrylic and the little one came up with this.She wanted me to put the pic on "ma's computer". So here it is. A promise is a promise :) 
I love the colors,I must admit.And much better than some so called abstract paintings of world famous artists that go on sale for millions.A mother's opinion...ofcourse :)

Till my next post,
Take care,
Love,luck and sunshine,

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

First attempt at...


Experts please don't flinch!!  I've no knowledge of paints and brushes .The only time I've held a brush is to paint a scene with two mountains,one sun, a house ,a coconut tree,a boat and water and that too in school. I'd bought the painting canvas on a whim during our fortnightly shopping at the supermarket and wanted to use it somehow :)
This was a free hand attempt. I splashed whatever colors I got in hand :) By the end of it, red  paint was floating inside the yellow bottle.
I also got a couple of other paintings completed and framed. I cannot claim any expertise here too,since all it requires is to trace the design and paint.
Remember this?
This is Pearl metallic on fabric. The design was traced to the fabric and then painted.
And one more..

Coffee painting on canvas.The entire pattern is painted with coffee powder. The thickness of the mix has been altered to get the different shades.Click on the pics for better view.

And..thus ends the exhibition of my paintings :) Back to embroidery now.
Thanks a ton for your kind comments about my lost package.I'm still harbouring a nanobit of hope day it'll come...

Love,luck and sunshine,

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Brazilian embroidery miniatures -work in progress

I was down and out...was insides seemed like a bull dozer had just rolled over and flattened them ....
A package of rayon threads worth 100$ was missing... I had ordered it in the first week of July and it didn't reach me.There was absolutely no information even from the USPS tracking .Were those threads meant for my stash, maybe I wouldn't have felt so bad (???) .The threads were meant for those who had learnt BE from me. How could I tell them this?
So,... I took my own stash ,divided it into different packages and mailed them to all concerned. That's it!!..Gone!! my hard earned bunch...sigh!!

And that made me take up a new project with whatever threads I've left. I had to atleast have the pleasure of using some threads before I lose them too in one way or the other.

This mini pattern is titled Pandora and Ruby .It's a Rosalie Wakefield design. I've followed 50% of her instructions and the remaining 50% is mine.
Pandorae is an australian wildflower .I looked up the pictures in the net and found a good pic here and here.It is also called Wonga Wonga vine :)) I think I've seen this one alongside our streets too.Wonder what they call it here My botany,zoology and geography is bad :)

Here's Ruby the humming bird from another angle. I plan to continue this piece alongside the schwalm whitework . Let us see how the whole bunch of miniatures turn out.
Till then,

Love to all in abundance, a little luck, and teeny bit of sunshine :))   ( The moment I jot something here,my spirits revive)
And..hugs too...