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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mysterious stitch or Indian bullion?

Iam stumped!! Have a look at this video... The outcome looks like bullion,but look at the technique. And,ladies, we're among the first few to have seen this in the web world - it was uploaded just a few days back :)
Now, can anyone solve the mystery of the technique? I tried to copy his method,but messed up everytime.

Love,luck and sunshine,

And the BE kit goes to...

From the list of 29, the random number generator picked up ....


Rayeesa,please contact me with your address at the mail id given below my blog title.
I'll wait for you to contact me till Friday evening 5.00 PM . In case there's no mail, I'll pick a second one from the list for the kit.

Still reeling from the Japan catastrophe and praying fervently for them and everyone else around,
Love,luck and sunshine,

Sunday, March 13, 2011


So many natural disasters.So many deaths.So much destruction.First Christ Church,now Japan.

Whom do we blame? The Gods? Mother earth? Our neighbours? or Ourselves?

Why couldn't we let the nature be? Why did we try to mechanize everything? Why did we build high rises? Why did we raze down the trees?

In trying to make lives easy,we've made living difficult.

Look how the earth is paying back in the same coin.

Is it too late? Can we still go back?

Remembering all those who lost their lives and all who lost their loved ones,

Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Brazilian embroidery kit for one of you!!

I have this habit of going through my present stash of BE threads and other precious hard to get threads once in a while - one, I simply enjoy looking at those and imagining what I could possibly do with them ,and second, I rediscover stuff I've forgotten about.

One such item is this Brazilian embroidery learning kit from JDR that I had purchased while learning BE. I never got around to stitching it and its almost 6 years!! This kit is called "Creeping flower" and is the kit number 2 in the learning kit series.

Originally, it came with the preprinted pattern, the necessary strands to stitch, a set of needles and the instructions. When I had my last giveaway of BE threads, I mailed the needles and instructions with the picture to winner as a surprise ...but the postal dept spoiled it all by promptly misplacing the package. It never reached her.

So at present, the package only has the fabric with the pattern and the different BE threads. I'll be adding the written instructions to it.

If you are keen on experiencing BE with the original Edmar rayon threads,here's your chance. Leave a comment here on this post - a hi would do . The giveaway is open till March 16th,2011. I'll be announcing the name of the winner here on March 17th .

Love,luck and sunshine,

Friday, March 04, 2011

A new idea is born...




Just wanted to see how the structure would look once translated to cloth.Nope,it is not applique, as it would seem from the cut out, but something else... I'll share more about it once the idea evolves.
The initial plan is to embroider the basic structure of the tree with simple running stitch. That may take a while since the tree is not very small (actually it almost covers the surface of a Queen size bed :) )

Well, as long as there is determination and enthusiasm , no idea is impractical :) How it'll end up is another matter :)

Till next post,
Love,luck and sunshine,