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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Two lovely dimensional embroidery pieces

A few months back, when Anu of The Creativity Within Me.. posted about her work in progress, I never imagined that one day that lovely piece of embroidery will be in my hands. Let me show you some pics... (click on them for a better view)

I love the way she has used the raised cup stitch for the flowers,and of course, those beads in the center.

Very creative use of beads for the dress,don't you think? Good choice of herringbone stitch and trellis couch for the dress too.

Cast on stitch and french knots for the flowers..and the colors..yum,yum...

Here's the complete piece. The background is crayon tinted. I have never tried that method.Will have to one day... Thank you Anu ,for this lovely gift...I enjoy looking at it everyday.

While I was recovering from this surprise, another one landed on my doorstep.Here it is..

This one is a first attempt on dimensional embroidery by my classmate,friend and fellow embroidery fanatic Preethy. We had lost touch , but she found me through this blog and our correspondence started. This piece is inspired from the book Three dimensional embroidery stitches which I have reviewed here. Did you notice the signature line at the bottom? (big grin). Thank you Preethy for this awesome beauty. I often wonder how long would it have taken for you to stitch those sunflowers.Wow!!

Does this look like a first attempt? Pat Trott would be proud of her.I have left the pics big enough for you to see the close up...

Till next post,

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Kamal Kadai experiments

Atlast!! Picked up needle'n thread after a long long time... :) and yeah,it felt good...mmmmm

For a while, I have been thinking of trying Kamal Kadai on shapes other than the traditional ones. Kamal Kadai or Navar work is a needle weaving technique and is quite popular in India.You can find a couple of tutorials on basic Kamal Kadai and beaded Kamal Kadai in the sidebar of this blog.

Most of the floral designs in this method follow the basic step petal pattern shown below and that's what I was looking to change.

Needle weaving involves weaving on straight lines.These lines cannot follow curves.Now how do I fill a curved area?

After a bit of trial and error, I ended up doing this...

I outlined the shape with back stitch and then filled the inside with the foundation lines. From the back stitched outline, I weaved over and under in the usual manner. In this case, the outline too was considered as a foundation line and I always passed the needle over and under the backstitch or vice versa. It looked good!!

This the first of my many trials. Although happy with the filling part, every time I looked at the overall pattern, I felt it lacked something.

After looking at it,walking across it umpteen times,pondering over it,I decided to redo this pattern with a few changes... But about that,not now... in the next post...

Till then,
Love,luck and sunshine,

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Between the devil and deep sea

A quick update....

I had a CT scan done on last Saturday to check the current condition of my sinusitis -the doctors have changed my health status from Pan sinusitis to Chronic pan sinusitis .This means that damage is extensive and the surgery is inevitable,but at the same time since it involves part of the skull, the consultant doc has told us that it is going to be risky and complicated ,irrespective of whether a machine does it or a surgeon.

Now I have to decide what to do - to go for it and risk it or not go for it and let my health deteriorate gradually. Iam on steroids for another thirty days.

We are also mulling over the option of going for the Indian system of medicine - Ayurveda. The doc has also suggested the same.Since Allopathy has given us no hope, we'll give it a shot.

Thanks everyone for your mails .Apologies for not replying to some of you ,especially Jana and Anita . I am not keen on turning my nice pleasant blog into a chronicle of my health ,but I thought I owe an update to all who visit deepashome regularly.

As far my mood is concerned, Iam cheerful, pleasant,doing all my daily activities and look absolutely healthy (atleast externally) :)

Before I take your leave, I thought I'll share a pic of a brazilian embroidery project which one of my students, Sobha did as part of the online course.I love the way the roses have been stitched and the colors too.

Will be back with my stitchy posts soon...

Love,luck and sunshine,