All work and no play :((

Have been really busy of late.Most of my free time is being used up for technical writing .Professionally,it seems to be alright but personally I feel guilty since Iam not able to devote all my time to my li'l one.Poor girl tries to catch my attention and brings over all her toys and scribbled papers and I just try to send her away.Finally,she stops coming.And then, I start feeling sick.The question lurks at the back of my I a bad mother??? Guess this is the case with all the working mothers.
But,now my hubby has given me a solution ...Time Management!!! He says,instead of spending all the free time on one job ,you set aside a fixed no. of hours for the same.And also promise yourself that whatever it may ,you wouldn't be on that job beyond that .The rest of the hours is for your daughter,your husband and for other little things.
The solution looks promising,but what about the DEADLINE??? :(( Still,Iam going to give it try.